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Singer, pianist, songwriter performing in the Boise area

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Ev Hadden developed her fresh, sultry style by incorporating jazz, Latin, and Cajun influences as well as modern and old-time blues, honing in on the "come-hither" numbers rather than the "I'm so down" ones. In the time-honored tradition of folk and blues musicians, she often chooses a song and reworks it to suit her unique musical style, modifying lyrics as needed to fit a modern woman's perspective.

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The Moss Roses, a musical duo from Boise featuring Ev Hadden and Barbara Laing, perform all new original songs along with blues and soul favorites.

Ev joined the Board of the Boise Blues Society (BBS) to help spread appreciation and knowledge of blues music. She performs regularly in the Boise area. She performs regularly with the Boise Blues Society band, the Blues Directors.

Sample several original songs written and performed by the Moss Roses, featuring Barbara Laing on guitar and Ev Hadden on keys.

Blues Directors, featuring members of the Boise Blues Society Board of Directors.

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Ev performing with her husband, bass player George Hadden
Image credit: Gary Apter Photography


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